Anitha Jayaprakash

I started out by setting up the deep-sequencing core at Mount Sinai, NY and enjoyed the science so much that I continued on to get a Ph.D. During my Ph.D I developed several sequencing-related technologies (patents pending). I want to harness these and other sequencing-based technologies to enable more precise delivery of diagnoses and drugs through the development of novel biomarkers

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Ravi Sachidanandam

Advances in sequencing have not translated to profound changes in the practice of medicine. We aim to harness these advances to develop novel biomarkers and enable them to be used inexpensively, affording greater diagnostic accuracy. Google Scholar / Publications

Guy Rohkin

I had worked in a few labs and did my degree, but I feel I never truly started until Anitha and Ravi mentored me. With their help, I did my final year thesis on mitochondrial DNA sequencing and became immersed in the world of genomics that is now an integral part of my scientific journey. Girihlet is a special place that challenges you to do a different kind of science, a pragmatic science. There's a great feeling you get when you really get to apply your knowledge, and Girihlet is the place to do it.

Suzy Huang

I am currently an undergraduate studying biochemistry at UC Berkeley and am very excited to join Girihlet on their quest to make sequencing technology more available for use in medicine. Working with them has allowed me to meet people passionate about what they do, and it inspires me to improve my skills and to creatively apply the knowledge I have.

Kevin Mohammed

Former HIV molecular biologist, eager and excited to apply his skills in the burgeoning field of genomics and sequencing.

Aldo Zamudio

Having worked in academic settings for many years, in basic sciences and in molecular biology, I was attracted by the innovative ideas behind the founding premise of the company and its culture. It is exciting to be working in the forefront of biotechnology and to help Girihlet reach its potential.

Matthew F Burkhardt

Matthew has over 15 years at academic (UPenn), Pharma (Merck, Novartis), and startup (iPierian, Cellogy) levels in pre-clinical drug discovery. Since 2009, Matthew has used iPSC to derive disease-relevant cell types for therapeutic development. Currently, he leverages his iPSC expertise as a consultant for strategic partnership development with iPSC-based companies as well as the Standards Coordinating Body.

Sri Ganeshan

Sri is a Physician-Scientist (Transplant, Oncology and Urology) with a keen interest in taking evidence-based medicines and diagnostics to patients. He has worked on three new molecular entities, which are FDA-approved for use in humans. Currently, he is the Chief Medical Officer at Iliad Neurosciences, a company focused on neurodevelopmental disease research and serves on the Advisory boards of AmiOnco Theranostics and ReligenDx.

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Mat Falkowski

Mat Falkowski is a serial entrepreneur who has been at 5 biotech start-ups over the past 15 years. Recently he was a founder at Invitea, which went IPO in Feb 2015 and is now processing over 70,000 clinical patient samples per year for a range of genetic tests. Over the past 15 years he has been actively involved in developing lab tests, running service labs, product rollout, marketing, grant writing, and fund raising.

Brian Naughton

Dr Brian Naughton was Founding Scientist at 23andMe(2006-2014), working on the design and development of the company's custom genotyping arrays and the company's web-based tools related to disease risk estimation, pharmacogenomics, ancestry, and genealogy. Dr Naughton was PI for 23andMe's SBIR grant on DNA sequencing quality metrics and launched the company's pilot exome sequencing projects. Dr Naughton has a PhD in Biomedical Informatics (Stanford) and a BA in Human Genetics (Trinity College, Dublin).