TCR - seq (Human, Mouse, Swine)
Why aren’t you sequencing more?
mRNA seq: Gene expression
Are the logistics a nightmare?
Turn around time - <15 days
Alpha repertoire sequencing
Beta repertoire sequencing
Let Girihlet handle your sequencing
RNA isolation and QC, mRNA pull down
30 million reads , 75bp SE sequencing
Proprietary and standard techniques
CDR3 profiles from 20 milllion 150bp reads
Bioinformatics -
Design to data in ~ 3 weeks
Normalized gene expression data -
NOT a genome center!
Mitochondrial (mtDNA) sequencing
RNA seq with ribozero depletion
Turn around time - <15 days
DNA - seq (whole exome, ChIP)
Turn around time - <15 days
Turn around time - <15 days
Cost based on coverage.
DNA isolation, mtDNA purification and QC
RNA isolation and QC. Library prep
10 million reads 75bp SE sequencing
30 million reads, 75bp SE sequencing
Sequencing on the Nextseq:
Bioinformatics -
Bioinformatics -
Turn around time - <7 days
mutation calls / frequency.
Normalized gene expression data -
coming soon: Haploytpe and InDel analysis
75bp single end partial lane sequencing
circular RNA seq:
1-10 million reads -
Transposon sequencing
Turn around time - <15 days
Turn around time - <15 days
Full Lane sequencing
RNA isolation and QC
75bp kit (400 million reads)
Transposon enrichment prep
mRNA pull down and library prep
150bp kit (130 million reads)
>90% enrichment,
150bp kit (400 million reads)
1 million read 75bp SE sequencing
30 million rereads 75bp SE sequencing
300 bp kit (130 million reads)
Bioinformatics -
300 bp kit (400 millionreads)
Insertion sites
Normalized gene expression data
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