Our Name

Girih Tiles: A set of five tiles that were used to create aperiodic tiling patterns (AD 1200 onwards). Till the discovery of Penrose tiles (1974), it was believed that such tiling was impossible. This is an inspiration to us, as we strive to shine light on the various impossible-to-reach corners of the genome. For more information on Girih tiles see wikipedia


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Talk to us:(347) 460-7174

DUNS: 079274161

CAGE: 724U2

Corporate HQ

PO box 110892, Brooklyn, NY 11211


R&D/Production facility

West Coast

Oakland Genome Center

Girihlet Inc./Anitha Jayaprakash,

355 30th street Oakland, CA 94609

East Coast (Yuuge, two addresses !!)

Regular mail 310 E. 67th Street,

Packages : 303-319 E. 66th Street,

New York Blood Center,Room 3-82,

New York, NY 10065