Girihlet can sequence the mtDNA efficiently, rapidly and inexpensively, based on proprietary technologies. Girihlet aims to make esoteric corners of the genome and transcriptome accessible to researchers and clinicians. We also offer expertise to help take your projects to completion, by providing innovative and creative solutions in the wet-lab and in the use of novel analytical approaches.


High-throughput technologies have transformed biology in recent years, with massive data sets dominating most work. Despite this, careful analyses of individual experiments and development of novel methodologies in the lab are the key drivers of progress in basic science as well as clinical applications.The driving motivation behind Girihlet is the desire to push our understanding of biological systems and have a direct impact on clinical applications.

Turbo Genomics

Girihlet takes a different approach to genomics, combining ingenious techniques in the lab and in computer software and hardware. By bringing our advances in basic research rapidly to market, we aim to have a significant impact on clinical practice. The first tool we are bringing to market is a method of accurately and inexpensively studying heteroplasmy in the mitochondrial genome.